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Quick COD measurement by High Temperature Combustion without using any Hazardous Chemical & Reagents

ax The chemical oxygen demand (COD) indicates the amount of oxygen which is needed for the oxidation of all organic substances in water and is thus an important indicator for water analysis. It is considered in the planning and controlling of treatment, as well as assessing its efficiency, thus forming the basis for the calculation of waste water charges. The COD can be determined in laboratory (within 3 minutes) or online, whereby these methods significantly differ in duration and consumables used. The Quick CODultra online analyzer is especially designed for chemical oxygen demand (COD) measurements in water. ax2 Inside the analyzer, the sample is transported and injected to the furnace using a robotic, horizontally and vertically moving injection needle. Sample pretreatment or dilution is not required. In the furnace, the raw water sample is completely oxidized at 1,200°C. Then, the amount of oxygen needed is detected by an oxygen detector. Due to the high oxidation potential of the 1,200°C no oxidation-promoting catalysts or hazardous chemicals are needed. As a result, the costs of ownership are minimized. Moreover, the measurement results are free of chloride interferences. The determination of the chemical oxygen demand takes place in less than 2 minutes, enabling operators a fast and environmentally friendly opportunity for the measurement of COD. Application and Industry The COD analyzer is optimally suitable for the detection of production losses in chemical & food industries as well as for control of waste water treatment plants in refineries, oil and gas, power, textiles and all other major industries. COD is also a critical parameter to measure in various different applications such as Sea water, Surface water and Drinking water