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Back Pressure Regulator BPR2

Back Pressure Regulator BPR2

The Back Pressure Regulator maintains constant pressure and constant flow for analyzer simultaneously protecting critical sampling componentsas a relief valve.A Back Pressure Regulator is a control valve which maintains a set pressure on the upstream side of the valve. If the pressure increases, the regulator opens to allow additional flow through the BPR1 / BPR2.

As the pressure decreases the regulator closes to restrict flow. Continuous open outlet port for grab sample assures that fluctuation during openingand closing is avoided. This additional flow through the BPR1 / BPR2 will ensure the avoidance of requirement of adjustment during the requirement of taking a grab sample as continuous flow is available for the same.

Back pressure regulator can be used for the grab sample. We also have cost benefits avoiding of separate tubing and grab sample valve.This ensures that velocity is well maintained at upstream. Any upstream fluctuation will not allow individual analyser flows unstable and assures stability of reading and assured performance of the system.

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  • Flow can be adjusted by adjusting pressure element

    Efficiently ensures constant flow through Analyser

    BPR1 is specially designed for steam/water sampling system, while BPR2 is designed for Air/Gas/Water application

    Precise pressure reduction and control when used in conjunction with pressure element

    Wetted parts suitable for challenging liquid sample

    Easy and compact mounting option

    Fail safe relief valve

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