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Composite Manifold (Applied For Patent)

Composite Manifold (Applied For Patent)

AXIS offers a various type of components covered in one manifold. This manifold is designed for Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS) applications. The manifold features a horizontal body design. Manifold connections include NPT female thread. The flow of sample through an AXIS manifold is controlled by filtering the sample, over temperature protection, process chamber, measuring the temperature and pressure and maintain the back pressure by this Composite manifold. Each component has a specific function to maintain the back pressure to over temperature protection.

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  • Suitable for long service in high temperature and pressure

    Heavy duty, rugged bodies with extra heavy bore

    Designed for SWAS System application

    Easy to install with NPT thread

    No-leak joints

    Integral combined unit with strainer, process header, needle valve with drain, TI, PI and temp control (ASV/SOV-Switch)

    Reduces the cost of tubing, fitting, mounting space, no. of components, timing, hardware and labour.

    Single SS material option ensures high reliability of the component

    No. of joints are reduced so no more leakages in the system

    Easy for the replacement of all components

    Reduces the size of mounting plate

    Cleaning port available

    Maintenance free

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