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DB 64000

DB 64000

The Bipolar Isolation Amplifier DB 64000 is used for isolation and conversion of bipolar and unipolar industrial standard signals. The input and output range of DB 64000 can be easily set by using DIP switch. Due to the calibrated range selection no further adjustment is necessary. A switchable compensation of the measuring range can be performed at the Zero/Span potentiometers on the front panel. Also the cut-off frequency can be adapted to the measurement task by using the DIP Switch.

  • Download Datasheet
    • Protective Separation acc. to EN 61140
    • Calibrated signal setting
    • Extremely slim design
    • 5 Years Warranty
    • 3-Port isolation
    • Optional In-Rail-Bus mounting rail connector
    • High bandwidth; short response time
    • Switchable Zero/Span compensation

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