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DH 18

DH 18

The input loop-powered isolator DH 18 is used for the electrical isolation of 0(4) … 20 mA standard signals. The DH 18 transfers the measuring signal to the output with a high degree of accuracy and avoids interference voltage carry-over and suppressing interferences effectively.

The slim housing with 11.2 mm wide for one or two channels saves significant space on the DIN-rail. Intelligent design and their consequential avoidance of highly integrated components result in extremely long service lives and reliability without any falsification of the measurement signal.

  • Download Datasheet
  • Only 60 mm installation depth, 11.2 mm wide

    Galvanic isolation across input and output

    Protective Separation acc. to EN 61140

    No power supply required

    5 Years Warranty

    High reliability and long-term stability

    No power supply required

    No information Available.

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