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E-house/Porta Cabin

E-house/Porta Cabin

The Electrical House (also known as “E-House” or “Integrated Power Assembly”) is a prefabricated walk-in modular enclosure to house a medium and low voltage switchgear as well as auxiliary equipments such as UPS, Communication Panel, Data Storage Devices, Power Quality and Data Communication System. AXIS offers the industry’s most complete family of electrical distribution, control equipment and components. E-Houses are the optimal approach to install electrical power, communication and control equipment for a fast and reliable power supply. An E-House is a pre-fabricated electrical building, fully equipped with products from our comprehensive portfolio of medium-voltage switchgear, low voltage switchboards, busbar trunking systems, and auxiliary equipment. It is completely developed, manufactured, assembled and pre-tested at the factory, then connected and put into operation on site. If size allows, the E-House is shipped fully-assembled as a single unit. Larger E-Houses are split into individual sections for shipping and joining on site.

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  • Robust structure will provide longer life with different loads e.g.dead load,live load,dynamic load,wind load,erection load &Seismic load

    According to transportation conditions in India, width up to 7 mtr. is possible (in two parts)

    2 way passive fire protection is possible for 2hr. according to BS

    Corrugated sheet is optional for aesthetic look

    Choice of shade is optional for painting

    Raised floor (False Floor) is possible

    Interlock rib structure is possible

    IP65 is provided

    476 standards


    High roof pitch,robust structure, foundation arrangements & transportation probability will allow for any tariff for all weather conditions. Suitable for Safe Area

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