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We supply complete flange plates FP with 112 × 36 mm cut-outs for compact enclosures of the AE series. The cut-outs, as well as the drilling template, conform to the standard cut-outs for 24-pole industrial connectors.

All flange plates are RAL 7035 powder-coated. Please use the gaskets of the standard plates. 
Enclosures are supplied with gaskets and screws.

We recommend fastening the cable entry systems with a torque of 1.5 - 2.0 Nm

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    • No expensive extra sheet metal work is required
    • High cable density is achieved by using KEL, KEL-U, KEL-DPZ or KEL-DP
    • Reduce labour costs by using cable entry systems KEL, KEL-U, KEL-DPZ or KEL-DP compared to the assembly of conventional cable glands

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