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FPI / FPO 018 | up to 727 m3/h (291 X 291 MM)

FPI / FPO 018 | up to 727 m3/h (291 X 291 MM)

Filter fans are used to provide an optimum climate in enclosures and cabinets with electrical/electronic components. The interior temperature of an enclosure can be reduced by channelling cooler filtered outside air into the enclosure thus expelling heated internal air. The resulting airflow prevents formation of localised hot pockets in installations and protects electronic components from overheating.

The Filter Fan Plus series uses a new air-flap outlet technology for the air outlet and thus reaches a high degree of airflow. A ratchet mechanism is used for mounting and provides high stability and tightness. Depending on the application there are two systems that are available – the FPI or FPO system. The FPI system is a standard installation with a filter fan in the lower part of the enclosure which ensures that fresh air is fed into the enclosure (airflow direction "In"). This system consists of a filter fan and exit filter. Whereas in the FPO system, the filter fan is located in the upper area of the enclosure to avoid heat buildups (airflow direction "Out"). The FPO system is composed of an intake filter and exit filter fan. The Filter Fan Plus series has been designed for indoor use.

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    • Protection type/Environmental ratings by independent testing agencies (VDE & UL)
    • Two optional systems for optimal airflow (FPI/FPO)
    • Industry-common enclosure cut-out sizes (5 sizes)
    • New air-flap outlet technology for high airflow
    • Easy mounting
    • One filter mat

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