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Gas Analysis System

Gas Analysis System

GAS were historically used as a system to monitor flue gas for Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Sulfur Dioxide(SO2), Nitric Oxides (NO,NO2 or NOx), to provide information for combustion control in 2 industrial norms. They are currently used as a means to comply with local air emission standards. Facilities employ the use of GAS to continuously collect record and report the required emissions data.

The standard GA system consists of a sample probe, filter, sample line, gas conditioning system including sample gas pump, sample gas cooler, calibration gas system, and a series of gas analyzers which reflect the parameters being monitored. Typical monitored emissions include: sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, oxygen.

AXIS has experience of design and manufacturing of Gas Conditioning Systems, mainly for GAS. Our skilled organization is managing the whole project from design to commissioning and after sales services. Our references are Chemical plants, Power plants, Petro chemical, Food industry and many others. High quality operation conforms to ISO9001 Quality Management System Standard.

These systems must be professionally designed and the components employed in the systems should be specifically built for demanding applications.

AXIS’s success and growth in this highly competitive market has depended on one credo “DO NOT COMPROMISE”. The challenge for us in to continually improve the range of our products specifically designed for sample conditioning systems.

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  • Panel Ingress protection class upto IP66 can also be made available

    Suitable for area classification like Zone 1 & 2

    Single or multiple from 2 to 5 Probes



    Heat management in the panel to ensure better performance of system in harsh environment. Keeping track of ambient temperature and/or condensation possibility, ensure high reliability of panel

    Automatic or Manual Blowback/Calibration options

    Operation & Maintenance comfort in any design

    No information Available.

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