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KEL-DPZ 24-BS gy

KEL-DPZ 24-BS gy

Cable entry frames and plates with fire penetration seals, approved for use in railway technology (meeting the standards EN 45545-2, EN 45545-3 and EN 1363-1).

The intumescent (foaming) IFPS fire penetration seals which are mounted at the backside of the cable entry components consist of expandable graphite and increase their volume by a multiple in case of a fire.

This creates a barrier which prevents a penetration of flames and high heat from one room into another for the longest possible period.

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    • Approved for use in railway technology (EN 45545-2, EN 45545-3 and EN 1363-1)
    • Easy assembly
    • Very high cable density
    • Only one fire penetration seal per cable entry component required
    • Large product variety
    • Ingress protection up to IP66 / UL type 12
    • High classifications E45 / EI30

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