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Total Nitrogen (TN) & Total Phosphor (TP) Analyser

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A whole variety of nitrogen compounds can be present in water, which cannot be determined individually. At least not without considerable analytical effort and within a short time. This is why so-called sum parameters have been developed. One of them is the TNb (total bound nitrogen). This parameter is not absolute but has been defined to indicate the amount of nitrogen which is bound in chemical substances (ammonium, nitrate, nitrite and further organic N-compounds) in different kinds of water. It is the most reliable nitrogen parameter and can be easily used for online monitoring. With the TNb analysis the amount of nitrogen oxide is measured, which generally is produced by thermal oxidation (combustion) of the sample. For the detection there are different methods available. Apart from NO/NO2 gas probes, the most common methods for online analysis are the Chemiluminescence detection (CLD) and the electro-chemical detection.

The current European standard EN 12260:2003 describes the chemical conversion of nitrogen compounds to nitrogen monoxide by use of the catalytic combustion above 700°C in an oxygen atmosphere. However, not all nitrogen substances can be oxidised by this method. Especially, not those substances that contain nitrogen double or triple bonds. The high temperature method that LAR Process Analysers AG developed, goes further: With a combustion temperature of 1,200°C we offer the highest oxidation temperature on the market. Vital to this method: It reliably oxidises more complex compounds. As a general rule, the higher the temperature, the higher the accuracy of results.

The TNb measurement takes place in less than 3 minutes. Thereby, short measurement value peaks can also be reliably shown. The maintenance service that is required is also fast: Less than 30 minutes per week are necessary. The analyser‘s availability is over 98%. Moreover, all areas of the analyser have been designed for easy maintenance: From the filter-less sample extraction with the patented FlowSampler, by blockage-free tubes, to the catalyst-free high temperature oven with the removable oven foot for the quick removal of salt residues.

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Advantages and Features

  • Exact determination of Tnb
  • Proven thermal oxidation principle
  • Highest combustion temperature available (1,200°C)
  • Catalyst-free
  • Fast response time of 3 minutes
  • Multi-stream measurements (optional)
  • Individual programmable operator access levels
  • Analyser availability minim. 98%
  • Maintenance and service max. 30 min per week
  • Exceptionally low maintenance and operational costs