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The module plates have cut-outs for fixing the KEL range cable entry systems KEL 24, KEL-U 24, KEL-QUICK 24, KEL-JUMBO, KEL-DPF, KEL-JUMBO flex and KEL-ULTRA flex.

The module plates can be installed on:

Separation walls by Rittal

closed enclosure bases and roofs (various manufacturers)

Bases of Lohmeier enclosures

Bases of Rittal enclosures via KDR-BMP gland plates

The module blank plate without cut-outs (Order No. 43882) is designed for closing unused cut-outs. This module plate can even be used for self-made cut-outs.

Module plates are supplied with a gasket.

  • Download Datasheet
    • No expensive extra sheet metal work is required
    • Even large connectors can be installed easily
    • Installation of pre-terminated cables through the base, walls or roof of the enclosure

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