Useful Tools

Useful Tools

KMS ( Cable template )

The correct size of the KT grommets can easily be determined by using the cable template

  • Determining the diameter of the cable using the cable template
  • Selecting the KT grommets according to the data on the cable template

Wrenches (for plastic locknuts M75/M85)

For mounting the new KEL-DPF sizes we off er suitable wrenches with widths for M75 and M85 plastic locknuts. Material: aluminium

KBW 9 ( Cable tie pliers )

A hand-operated tool for tightening and trimming cable ties. To operate, insert the free end of the installed cable tie into the gun and squeeze handles to tension the tie. To trim off excess tie, press cutting lever

QVT-CLICK Tool ( Mounting tool )

The QVT-CLICK Tool for quick and easy mounting of split cable glands QVT-CLICK

STFZ I/O Insert Tool ( Mounting tool )

STFZ I/O Insert Tool for quick and easy mounting of STFZ terminal clamps (EMC shield clamps for peripheral modules)

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