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Purge Panel for Hazardous Area

Purge Panel for Hazardous Area

Purging and pressurizing systems is one of the most versatile explosion protection methods. These Systems are based on the principle that in Zone 1 or 2, Division 1 or 2, the gas mixture in the ambient atmosphere, which may ignite under certain circumstances, is removed from the housing by an initial Purge process. After the purge phase, sufficient compressed air or inert gas is supplied to compensate for leaks from the enclosure. This permanent over pressure, achieved using compressed air or inert gas, prevents any potentially explosive atmosphere in the ambient air from entering the enclosure.

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  • Purge Panel have pressure withstanding capacity as per design.
    HC accumulation are taken care
    Moisture free purge is desired

    Electrostatic discharge is one of the above major features.
    Various sizes for accommodating various equipments.

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