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Quick TOC effluent

Quick TOC effluent

The Quick TOC Effluent of LAR is an on-line Measuring system for the determination of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) according to DIN EN 1484, ISO 8245 and EPA 415.1. The QuickTOCeffluent is suitable for almost every TOC measurement at the effluent of industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants. Typical on-line applications are the combined effluent monitoring of TOC and TN in on single analyser.As a result the maintenance efforts will be reduced significantly compared to multiple analysers operation.

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    • No Filtration Necessary at the Effluent
    • TNb Detection Simultaneous(Optional)
    • Fast Response Time (2 - 3 Minutes)
    • Lowest Maintenance Efforts
    • Lowest Operational Costs
    • Catalyst- Free Technique
    • Highest Reproducibility
    • Infrared Detection
    • Highest Combustion Temperature (1200 Deg C)
    • Self- Explanatory Software
    • Easiest Operation

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