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Quick TOC ultra

Quick TOC ultra

A whole variety of organic matter can be present in water, which can’t be determined individually. At least not without considerable analytical effort and within a short time. This is why the so-called sum parameter TOC (total organic carbon) is used. It measures a sample organic loads and is thus an important indicator for water quality.

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  • Exact determination of TC, TOC, (TRUE TOC) and TIC

    Highest combustion temperature available (1,200°C)

    Individual programmable operator access levels

    Fast response time of one minute (TC)

    Multi-stream measurements (optional)

    Proven thermal oxidation principle

    Analyser availability minim. 98%


    At 1,200°C, a complete oxidation is guaranteed which is why catalysts are unnecessary.

    A reliable measurement system must be able to analyse the course material in water.

    Exceptionally low maintenance and operational costs

    Maintenance and service max. 30 min per week


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