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Steam and Water Analysis System(SWAS)

Steam and Water Analysis System(SWAS)

In any Power plant running on steam, the purity of boiler feed water and steam is absolutely crucial; especially to steam turbine, steam boiler, super heater, condenser and other steam equipment. To prevent damage of steam turbine, steam boiler and other equipment due to scaling and corrosion, on-line steam and water analysis of critical parameters such as pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Silica, Sodium, Hydrazine and Phosphate etc is a must. Steam can be as hot as 560°C. Pressures can be as high as 250 bar. To keep the power plant up and running with minimum erosion and corrosion of steam turbine, steam boiler and condenser, we have developed fully integrated Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS) that provides exact, precise measurements on all these critical parameters.Samples are at high temperature & pressure. Sample conditioning is required to bring down the temperature & pressure at desired level.

AXIS has designed SWAS –Steam and Water Analysis System to keep you in power.


1. Wet Panel:

Sample coming from different points are fed to this panel. Contains sample conditioning components like Thermal shut off valve (TSV), Cooler, Back pressure regulator(BPR), Pressure regulating valve(PRV), SOV, Temperature switch, Pressure & Temperature gauges, Rotameters etc. Sensor in the same panel, output of sensor goes to dry panel.

2. Dry Panel:

It contains Analysers, Transcontrol mitters, Annunciator, indicator etc. All remote signals goes from this panel to control room.

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  • Custom designed wet and dry panel/rack to suit various industry requirements

    Automatic High Temp. Shut-off valve are used for high temperature protection

    Efficient cooler design - suitable to all Indian industry conditions

    On line analysis with Grab Sampling

    Open Rack type/Walk Through panel

    Sampling system with IBR Design


    Effective Temperature & Pressure reduction with constant flow regulation to improve analyser reliability

    Compact design reduces space requirements

    Sampling system with IBR Design

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