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AXIS Strainers are a means of protecting downstream mechanical components such as Gauges, Analysers, Flowmeters, Back pressure regulator from possible damages due to debris such as rust, pipe scale, sediment, and/or other solid particulates. Machined seats in both body cap align and lock the screen in place to stop sediment bypass. Mesh construction ensures best performance and its right area as well as additional strength of the body of removable plug to increase life and reliability while opening and closing the plug.

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    • Easy assembly with NPT threaded, gasketed cap, Heavy duty, rugged bodies with extra heavy bore
    • Suited for long service in high pressure & temperature application
    • No-leak, no-crush screen chambers
    • Cleaning port available

    Large element area ensures effective cleaning with less pressure drop

    Single SS material option ensures high reliability of the component

    Proper alignment & accurate reseating after servicing

    Specifically designed for water conditioning

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