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UV/Vis Multi-parameter Effluent Quality Monitoring Analyser

UV/Vis Multi-parameter Effluent Quality Monitoring Analyser

EQMS (Effluent Quality Monitoring System) technology is based on unique method FTLS UV spectroscopy which associate proprietary high resolution spectrograph with Fourier Transform & Least Square mathematical treatment. So, you can believe in our knowledgeable and responsive support team to address your unique needs for the water or air applications throughout your entire process. Our goal for the future is to continue to provide customers with reliable instruments, proven methods, easy procedures, and outstanding technical  support. We will strive to be best choice brand offering trust and assurance to our customers.

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  • There is no temperature element required as it is working on UV light absorbance principle for COD, BOD and TSS.

    Total 4 Parameters (COD, BOD, TSS and pH) we can measure at a time.

    Instantaneous values and less than 10 seconds response time.

    Less than 5% accuracy, repeatability and detection limit.

    Sample low flow requirement i.e., 0.2l/min.

    Very low operating and maintenance costs. 

    Default RS 485 output. Selectable 4-20mA outputs.

    Very low operating and maintenance costs.

    Closed system to prevent contamination

    Compact size and IP 65 Protection.

    Measurement range 0-1000 mg/l.

    Very low measurement costs.

    Easy to operate.

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