RS232/USB, TTL/USB, RS485/USB Asynchronous Serial Converter S117P1

S117P1 is a multi-function instrument: serial converter, isolator signal and programming kit. It enables asynchronous conversion of RS232 / RS485 / TTL type, using a USB port on the PC. The serial interface is handled by the operating system as a standard system serial port, allowing the use of the product in direct way through any software that can communicate with the standard serial ports made available by the operating system (COM1, COM2 etc.). RS232, RS485 and TTL ports are also electrically isolated from the USB port, allowing you to remove many electrical noise problems that can occur due to example when the connected equipment is far away from the PC. S117P1 ensures full compatibility with Windows operating systems Windows Server, Windows CE, Linux, Mac OS X.


  • Direct power supply from USB port
  • Interfaces USB ↔ TTL-RS232-RS485
  • Direct connection of serial peripherals
  • Front LED status indicators
  • Drivers available for Windows, macOS, Linux platforms.
  • Galvanic isolation @ 1.5 kVac.
  • Automatic time direction change.
  • Power supply (12 Vdc @ 100 mA) for external modules via terminals.

Power supply

: Through USB port on the PC

Power consumption

: Max 0,35 W (50 mA)

Power transducers

: 12 Vdc@100 mA

Operating temperature

: -20 to+65°C

Protection degree 

: IP20


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