DAM Water Level Monitoring System


Project Introduction:

The Water Level from different dams located in State are to be monitored at the Central location. As the Dams & Central Location were the data are to monitored are geometrically apart from each other, the only way to have communication between them is GSM/GPRS.

The data from the dam side (7 different RTU’s) are being transmitted to Central Server RTU via GSM/GPRS. These data are to be integrated in the IEC 60870-104 based Pre-Installed SCADA System. The Central Server is a Modbus RTU.

The data is converted from Modbus RTU to IEC 60870-104 as the Pre-Installed SCADA was supporting IEC-104 protocol.

System Requirements

  • Centralized and stable monitoring platform for the data from different location.
  • Protocol conversion among Modbus and TCP/IP IEC 104
  • Easy integration with other pre-installed communication system.
  • Integration the data to pre-installed SCADA System.

Our Solution

The Analog & Digital values are being received at the Centralized master station side via Modbus RTU. The Modbus output can not to directly given to the pre-installed IEC-104 Server SCADA, so the Modbus output need to be converted to IEC-60870-104.

Our Multifunction Controller placed in between Modbus RTU & SCADA, which converts the Modbus data to IEC- 60870-104 format. The data from all the Dams can be monitored at the Centralized Location on to the IEC-104 based SCADA.