Close Loop Sample Handling System

Each Sampling System will be equipped with cylinder valves for controlling flow, venting & isolating the system from the process.

End connections could be flanged or as per end-user/customer requirements.

Each sampling system will have a flexible connection for the sample cylinder outlet and a fixed connection for the sample cylinder inlet

Quick Disconnect connections shall be used and shall be capable enough of self-sealing with the ability to withstand at least (internal Pressure Range ) internal pressure when disconnected from the cylinder.

The system will include bypass flow for cylinder and depressurizing the system before cylinder removal.

The system shall include provisions for securely holding the sample cylinder during sampling.

The system shall bear a label indicating the maximum allowable operating pressure and temperature

High sample integrity –

One or two process connections – easy to install and minimum potential leak points Safe design, requiring minimum operator time and training


  • Quick Disconnect connections
  • Sampling directly from process
  • High Sample integrity
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease of Installation
  • Self-Standing
  • NACE certified
  • TPED & DOT Available on request
  • Enable operators to collect samples (gas or liquid) from process with the condition of i.e. high process pressure and temperature
  • Can also work in with toxic compounds, viscous solutions, with low vapor pressure, etc. Highly reliable for continuous operation
  • Samples can be collected in Sample Cylinders/Sample bottles in a fixed volume for lab testing.
  • Extending analyzer life
  • Facilitating field calibration
Refer to the datasheet for more details.


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