Pressure Regulator

The Axis Pressure regulator is designed to deliver continuous & precise control to the further system. It is a single-stage pressure control regulator. It is mainly used in instrumentation sample handling systems for all types of Gas media applications.

Used in Oil and refinery, power, chemical, and any type of process industries.

Many features of the PRG1 / PRG3 make it ideal for a wide range of applications controlling pressures at low to adequate flows in gas media. It has a wide operating range of up to 413.6 bar and up to 260°C media temperature can be sustained. PRG3 can also be used for water application.

The Best Supplier of the Best Pressure Regulators for Custom Applications

Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd is the renewed supplier of the best pressure regulator for custom applications. We have developed bespoke innovations to meet various and specific requirements of our clients. Our equipment ensures high performance in critical conditions


  • Economical
  • Wall / Line Mount
  • Less maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Less space occupied due to horizontal installation
  • Used up to 413.6 bar and 260°C media temperature
  • Highly reliable for continuous operation
  • Designed for precise control

Mounting : Wall / Line
Body material : SS 316 / Brass / Others on Request
Seat Material : PTFE / PEEK
Diaphragm : Nitrile / Viton / Metallic
Dimension : Refer Datasheet


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