Single Line SWAS

Axis single-line SWAS systems are pre-tubed assemblies used to simplify the conditioning of steam, water, or non-hazardous process samples. With the addition of cooling water, safe and representative samples can be obtained from individual sampling sites that are remotely located throughout the plant or from a small number of samples in a central location.

There are two versions of Axis single-line SWAS systems — one for grab samples only and the other for both grab samples and to condition the
sample for online analysis. These two versions are available for four types of the stream. 1) HPHT 2) HPLT 3) LPLT 4) LPHT. Axis single-line panels can be mounted on a variety of walls and come with full-width workable sinks and pre-piped cooling water headers to reduce installation time and cost.

Whether an individual single-line sample mounting plates solutions are completely engineered to meet the application requirement


  • Economical
  • Self-Standing (Optional)
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease of Installation
  • Compact Design
  • Add an analyzer or other analysis product
  • Create a complete sample system with analyzers and conditioning on the same rack
  • Use the back side of a freestanding floor rack to mount analysis equipment
  • Combine critical conditioning and analysis on a portable skid
  • Effective Temperature & Pressure reduction with constant flow regulation to improve analyzer reliability
  • Efficient cooler design - suitable to all industry conditions
  • Sampling system with ASME PTC-19.11 STANDARD
  • Automatic High Temp. Shut-off valves are used for high-temperature protection
  • The composite manifold used in SWAS can reduce the size of the rack
Refer to the datasheet for more information.


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