Fast Loop System For MS – HSD

The Axis Fast loop sampling system (FLS) is designed for increased accuracy and reduced uncertainty and maintenance costs. Because it is important to maintain flow through the fast loop system even when the analyzer is not in service.

A fast loop system is designed to handle high flows in sample transport lines to reduce time delays for online analyzer systems. A fast loop system passes a sample through a filter while using the high flow rate of the bypass to keep the filter element clean. Fast loop filter works as a self-cleaning filtration.

Axis is providing system solutions for high availability, reliability, and accuracy with sampling system design where analytical measurement demands it.


  • Electrical components certified for use in Zone 1- IIA IIB and IIB+H2.
  • Also available in Zone 2 IIA IIB and IIC Hazardous areas.
  • Increased accuracy and reduced uncertainty and maintenance costs.
  • Pump Standby / Redundant configuration reduced downtime.
  • The loop size is selected as part of design process to maximize sample respresentivity and ensure sufficient velocity exists to maintain homogeneity of the fluids throughout the sampling system.
  • A fast loop sampling system provides highly accurate sampling across a wide range of fluids and has a lower measurement uncertainty and higher accuracy than a probe sampler system.
  • The pump yields a flow at a differential pressure of 2 - 5 barg typical.
  • Dry run & discharge overpressure protection.
Refer to the datasheet for more details


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