Cooling Units

The basic requirements for any Air Conditioning Unit is to perform according to given parameter with trouble free operations. These are at mainly remote locations or at very challenging locations or experiencing extreme weather conditions.

AXIS brings you the equipment to meet diverse and exacting demand which runs trouble free for 24×7 in Power generation sector, Chemical Plants, Steel Plants, Process Automations, Porta Cabins, Drive Panels, PLC Panels, Instruments Panels, Textile Machine Panels, Food Processing machinery etc.

The Best Panel AC to Purchase in India

We supply reliable and the best panel AC suitable for various industries. Our products have great reach and very popular across pharmaceutical, food processing, engineering and manufacturing industries. Low maintenance cost and high durability are the top features of our products.  today for the best panel AC at an affordable cost.


  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Easy Maintenance design
  • Effective fresh cooling
  • Efficient filter for dust protection
  • High quality MS CRCA or SS 304, SS 316 MOC as per requirement
  • Excellent thermal insulation for better performance

  • 100% tested for performance on specially created testing facility for onsite load conditions.
  • Equipment design is very user friendly with full and easy service access to all components for regular service.
  • Unit’s unique design and component reliability ensures minimum servicing except routine filter condenser cleaning or general maintenance.
  • This can work within harsh environment and of 8°C to 50°C areas.

As per Customer’s Requirement.


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