Auto Shut-off Valve

Definitive for extended operation of SWAS depends upon the principle of sample conditioning components for which accurate pressure flow and temperature control is most essential.

The industry also call it a Thermal shut off valve

Excessively hot samples can cause damage to expensive and sensitive sample conditioning components of the process analyzer. The auto shutoff valve is widely used in Steam Water Analysis Systems ( SWAS ) in power plants.

The Best Thermal Shutoff Valve to Make Valve Automation Easy and Fast

Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd manufacturers and suppliers the best quality thermal shut-off valve for various industrial applications. Our equipment helps to improve the working efficiency of your plant and helps you bring down operational and maintenance costs.

The AXIS offers a very reliable Auto shut-off valve called ASV1. This is functioning directly exposed to the sample media via thermal expansion principle with using wetted media. ASV1 is a self–reliant, fully mechanical device that required no external source of electricity or pneumatic or hydraulic. The AXIS ASV1 build with 50°C ± 2°C set to shut off temperature. After shutting off ASV1, it must be reopened by pressing the manual reset button which ensures the no-flow resumes and safety of the upset component have been amended.


  • Desirable for balanced service in high temperature
  • Ease for installation
  • Fully mechanical device
  • Alarm contact ( Optional )
  • Fix temperature shut off
  • Manual Reset facility

  • Rugged, compact design
  • No power source require
  • Reliable tight shut off
  • No – leakage up to define range
  • Corrosion resistive material
  • Fast response to shut off

Sample : Steam or Water
Material : SS 316, Viton, PEEK
Weight : Approx. 1.1 Kg
Mounting : Horizontal
Sample Inlet : 1/8” NPT (F)


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