Winlog | Scada

Winlog Pro is the most flexible, convenient easy to use software package for the SCADA  HMI applications development with Web Server support.


  • Thousands of symbols and animated objects
  • Protocols Modbus, Siemens, Omron, KNX, etc.
  • Integrated programming Language
  • Distributed client/server architectures
  • History files exportable in CSV format
  • OPC client interface and ODBC support
  • Applications with web server support
  • Multi-language SCADA HMI applications

Axis India – Your Trusted SCADA System Suppliers for Superior Control

At Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd, we understand the need for effective, real-time monitoring and control in various industries. That’s why we stand tall as reputable SCADA System suppliers, providing solutions that seamlessly integrate with your operations. Our SCADA Systems are designed to simplify complex processes, offering comprehensive control over your machinery and processes. They enable real-time data collection, efficient process management, and superior automation, enhancing productivity and reducing operational costs. With our SCADA systems, you gain a bird’s-eye view of your entire operation, enabling swift decision-making and performance optimization. Choose Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd, your reliable SCADA System suppliers, for unmatched control and enhanced operational efficiency. Embrace the future of industrial automation with Axis India.



Graphic Libraries:-

Popular Symbol Factory 2.5 with over 5,000 industrial objects

Industrial Gadgets ActiveX PRO Edition with animated objects.

Communication Drivers:-

Extensive directory of drivers including Modbus TCP, Ethernet-IP, Profinet, BACnet, OPC etc. that link with Siemens, Al en Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, ABB etc.

Events ET Alarms:-

Access to Online and Historical Alarms & events can organized multiple ways

Allow sending of emails or SMSs on the occurrence of particular events.


Possible to create several recipes, a set of process variables defined in the recipe model.

Can send a recipe to the process manual y, automatically or following a trigger condition.

Reports/Graphical Trends:-

Record and generate reports of Batch, Production, Process, alarms etc. effortlessly.

Get the graphical representation of monitored and recorded tags over time.


Group & user management can secure the SCADA screen, tags, and parameter access.

Recorded history file by date, time, event description and operator’s name.

Client/Server Architectures ET Web Server Support:-

Remote station Applications can communicate via a TCP/IP with Multi-master Structure.

Allows access up to SO concurrent clients (java web clients\Smart app)

Gate (Tag) Builder: Create and manage the gates database Different types of gates can be defined (numeric, digital, string, compound, event, alarm). Template (Screen) Builder: Easy and intuitive creation of templates and display pages Arrange objects on the screen the and define their properties Code Builder: Integrated development environment that gives the possibility to enrich and customize the application using a simple C-like programming language. Application Builder: Powerful tool that allows the automatic creation of SCADA applications. Multilanguage option to allow the automatic creation of Multilanguage applications. Smart App Builder: Visual development tool that allow mobile devices (IOS, Android, Windows Phone) to monitor and modify the variable values by interacting with the Server application.
Winlog Pro licenses are supplied with a DVD box containing a CD with Winlog Pro software and a hardware protection key (USB dongle).
  1. Development licenses allow creation and execution of standard and web applications.
  2. Standard Runtime licenses allow execution of standard applications.
  3. Web Runtime licenses allow execution of standard and web applications


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