R-16DI-8DO is a mixed digital module with dual Ethernet ports 10/100 Mbps and programming Micro USB front port.

The instrument is designed for flexible wiring needs, reduced installation spaces, high density I / O applications with networking Integrated Ethernet.

R-16DI-8DO counts 16 PNP / NPN digital inputs also configurable as totalizers @ 32 bits and 8 digital relay outputs with maximum range 30 V / 1 A.

All totalizers are stored in non-volatile memory (FeRAM). The module is equipped with isolation between inputs, outputs and remaining low voltage circuits equal to 1.500 Vac. The configuration can take place via Seneca Studio software and web server with support HTML5. IP address and firmware version associated with the single module can be identified on a LAN via Seneca Studio.

R-16DI-8DO supports both ModBUS TCP-IP and serial communication RS485 with ModBUS RTU protocol.


  • Nr.16 PNP / NPN digital inputs configurable also as counters @ 32 bit max 5 KHz
  • Nr.8 Relay digital outputs max 30 V max 1 A
  • Nr.2 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, Nr.1 RS485 port, Nr.1 Micro USB port
  • Programming via Micro USB port or Ethernet web server and Seneca Studio
  • Multi-device connection in Ethernet daisy chain mode with Fault-bypass (active connection between the two
  • Ethernet ports in case of power failure)
Mirror I / O function (signal duplication) in Peer To Peer mode without the need for a Master ModBUS Pass Through function for Modbus Ethernet- Serial conversion Ideal for high I/O density applications with built-in Ethernet networking
Power supply : 10-40 Vdc; 19-28 Vac Auxiliary voltage : output 12 Vdc / 40 mA Max power consumption : 3 W Max isolation : 1-5 kVac Protection degree : IP20 Operating temperature : -20 to +65°C Dimension (wxhxd) : 106 x 90 x 32 mm Weight : 170 g


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