8-CH Analog Input Module/ RS485 Modbus RTU Z-8AI

The Z-8AI module acquires up to 8 single-ended input signals (voltage or current type) and it converts them to a digital format (normalized measure).


  • It is possible to choose if each input is voltage or current type
  • It is possible to enable/disable each input
  • It is possible to change: the electrical start/end scale between ± 10 V, ± 20 mA, the normalized start/end scale between ± 32000
  • Configuration of the module (node) address and baud-rate by Dip-Switches
  • It is possible to add/remove the module to/from RS485-bus without disconnecting the
  • communication or power supply
  • It is possible to switch automatically RS485 to RS232 or vice versa


16 bits (15+1 sign).




± 30Vdc and 25mA

Accuracy Initial



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