8-CH NTC Module With Modbus RTU Protocol Z-8NTC

The Z-8NTC is an 8 channels NTC temperature converter with Modbus RTU protocol.

For the communication can be used the USB or the RS485 port.

The device can measure up to 8 NTC (each channel can be individually configured).

The powerful Easy Setup software can be used for obtain the NTC parameters in a simple way.



  • 16-bit A/D conversion on three adjustable scales 100 Ω – 10 kΩ, 1 kΩ –100 kΩ, 5 kΩ – 500 kΩ.
  •  0.5% accuracy on resistance value.
  •  Measurement available in the following types: Resistance (Ω) or Temperature (°C, °F, K) on Integer 32-bit and Floating point 32-bit, direct or swapped.
  •  Conversion From temperature to resistance with Steinhart-Hart high equation for high accuracy
  •  Each channel can be individually enabled and configured.
  • Programmable filter for reading stabilization.
  • Conversion time: 500 ms for all channels
  • Linearization through configuration software for sensors: NTC, COSTER, KTY with Beta or Measure Points
  • Easy power supply and serial bus wiring by means of the Seneca Z-BUS housed in the DIN rail.
  • Removable screw terminals for section Max. 2.5 mm cable.

Power supply

: 10 – 40 Vdc 19 – 28 Vac 50 – 60 Hz

NTC Inputs

: Generic NTC with user-definable curve

Measurement range

: 1k resistance, Range from 100Ω to 10kΩ.


: 17,5 x 102,5 x 111 mm


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