8-CH thermocouple input / CANopen module ZC-8TC

The Z-8TC module acquires up to 8 single-ended signals (voltage-type, from the: signal generator or thermocouple) and it converts them to a digital format (normalized measure), with two types of communication: CANopen protocol, ModBUS protocol (RS232 serial).


  • Three selectable acquisition speed (two at 14 bits, one at 15 bits)
  • High acquisition speed.
  • 1500 VAC isolation amongst inputs, power supply and CAN interface.
  • Protection against ESD discharge up to 4 kV.
  • Adjustable rejection at 50 and 60Hz.
  • Measurement of thermocouples: J, K, E ,N ,S ,R, B, T.
  • Simplified power supply and serial bus wiring by means of the bus housed in the DIN rail.
  • Measurement in temperature or mV.
  • Channels independently active.
Measurement of the inputs available in the following formats: floating-point representation, fixed dot at 16 bits, in tenths degrees with sign for temperature, tenths of mV for voltage. Cold junction compensation. Eight levels adjustable filter to stabilize reading. Led Indications: Power Supply, CAN communication, MODBUS-RTU communication, Inputs fault. Programmable value in case of fault or freezing of last reading.
Power supply : 10-40 Vdc / 19-28 Vac Power Consumption :  1 W Isolation : 1.5 kVac (6 way) Input protection :  Against ESD discharge up to 4KV Response Time : < 28 ms A/D Resolution : 15 bit


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