9,7″ HMI widescreen colors, double Ethernet interface VISUAL 11

Remote assistance system enabled on HMI VISUAL Series equipped with Ethernet port.

More than 250 drivers available to ensure easy connection to PLCs, temperature controllers, barcode

readers etc.


Integrated windows development environment, toolbars, dialogs, menu bars, drag & drop drawing objects.

Multi-function objects for dynamic use to support user screenpages (graphics, buttons, alarm history etc.)

Multilinguage display support.

Remote access to the operator panel and, in passthrough mode, to PLCs and devices connected to it (in serial or Ethernet mode) without any network configuration. SSL VPN connection for secure data and information exchange with low bandwidth usage.
Dimension : 9,7" TFT LCD Resolution :  1024x768 Format : 4:3 Brightness :  500 cd/m2 Contrast : 500:1 Backlit LED : > 30.000 hours Colors  : 262k


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