Air Heater Type 804

Air heaters of series 804 are specially designed for use in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology. Due to the lightweight design, these units offer ideal conditions for heating flowing air. As a standard, the bolted duct consists of aluminum sheet AlMg 3, with circumferential flange without bores according to DIN 24158, Sheet 3, row 3. The flange width ranges from 25 and 35 mm. The heating insert consists of exchangeable non-radiating tubular heating elements.


The material used for our air heaters:

  • Air heater housing of aluminium AlMg 3, optionally galvanised steel CSN® tubular heating elements of stainless steel 1.4828, interchangeable degree of protection IP 42.
  • With temperature control, temperature limiter, Pt-100 RTD, thermocouple With integrated fan (see table).
Type : 3,6-250
Dimension : 250 x 250 x 160 mm
Output : 3,6kW
min. Flow rate m³/h : 400


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