Air Heater Type 820

For a perfect control of our heaters we recommend our CSN® Standard Control System for Air Heaters 820/6-48

  • control cabinet
  • main switch
  • main fuse
  • control fuse
  • step switch
  • indication light



  • for heating of workshops, working places, immediate heating of building lots.
For floor fastening: consisting of a silent low-pressure radial fan with projected sheet steel housing, accommodating the heater elements with overheating protection per each phase. In the terminal compartment, there are bolted terminals for the control equipment, furnished by the user. The motors, stated in the schedule are rated for230 V, A. C., and the heating elements for 400 VA. C., three-phase with the neutral conductor. Schutzart: IP 20
Type : 820/6
Power : 4kW
Length : 610mm
Width : 280mm


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