Ammonium/ Nitrate Sensor

The SMART ABAM – Ammonium Sensor measures the concentration of dissolved ammonium nitrogen (NH4’-N) in water. The sensor uses three electrodes to determine the NH4+-N concentration, an Ammonium Ion Electrode, a Potassium Ion Electrode, and a pH Electrode. The SMART ABNO – Nitrate Sensor measures the concentration of dissolved nitrate nitrogen (NO3–N) in water. The sensor uses two electrodes to determine the NO3–N concentration, a Nitrate Ion Electrode and a Chloride Ion Electrode.


• Measuring Principle: Ion-selective electrodes method
• Automatic Compensation Temp.: 0 to 100° C Optional: pH, K+, Cl-
• Interface Modbus: RS485
• Power Supply: 24VDC by GDC, Max. 1W
• Auto-Cleaning : 3 to 5 bar air or water
• Material: SS316, PVDF, PTFE, Glass
• Protection: IP 68
• CE Marking: EN 61326-1:2013 Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC

• AM7 Ammonium Sensor: • Ammonium ISE electrode, K+, pH, and Temp. electrodes. • Fast and accurate Ammonium measurement • Fully compensated for pH, K+ interferences & Temperature • NO7 Nitrate Sensor: • Nitrate ISE electrode, CI- and Temp. electrodes. • Fast and accurate Nitrate measurement • Fully compensated for CI- interferences & Temperature (Optional pH electrode) • The AN7 Ammonium/Nitrate Sensor is optional for both Ammonium & Nitrate measuring at the same time • Robust & Waterproof (lP68) • Factory pre-calibration for easy setup and field calibration for more accuracy • Rugged PVC design, Removable electrode guard for easy maintenance • Integral Spray Head Cleaner, Cleans the sensor in-situ with pressurized water or air • Internal Signal Conditioning, RS485 Modbus Digital signals allow up to 300 meters long communication between the Sensor and the controller

• Industrial Wastewater • Municipal & Sewage Wastewater • Drinking Water • Surface Water Monitoring • Ground Water


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