ARC is a range of General Purpose Thermal Process Imagers which are rugged enough to withstand heavy industrial applications, while compact enough for use in research and development and automation. ARC is a high-resolution radiometric thermal imager providing detailed thermal images with unsurpassed temperature accuracy.

The range of four lenses enables viewing of any target, at any distance with outstanding image clarity. Coupled with this is the wide ambient temperature operating range making ARC suitable for everything from bench top monitoring to the most demanding industrial applications ARC uses remote motorised focus allowing quicker installation and safer and convenient operation.


High-Resolution Radiometric Thermal Imager:-

  • Detailed thermal images with unsurpassed temperature accuracy.

4 Lens options:-

  • View any target, at any distance with outstanding clarity.

Wide ambient temperature operating range

  • Install just about anywhere.

A smarter image:-

  • 4 areas with min, max, mean, and noise filter, individual emissivities, 4 alarms (high low) per area – all configurable from Viewer+ software.

Viewer software as standard:-

  • User-friendly monitoring software enables visualization of thermal data.
Widely used in following fields:-
  • Automation
  • Process Control
  • Machine Vision
  • Flare Stack Monitoring
  • Coal Pile Hot Spot Detection
  • Medical
  • Critical Vessel Refractory
  • Petrochemical
  • Food
  • Minerals
Please refer to the datasheet for more details.


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