The BARRACUDA MODEL 4010BR TDL Moisture Analyzer has significantly raised the bar for measuring water vapor in a natural gas stream.

AMI has engineered the most reliable, accurate, compact moisture analyzer and packed it with a full suite of desirable features.

Utilizing a unique patent-pending laser wavelength and cell block technology, the BARRACUDA has quickly become the standard in the natural gas industry.


  • AMI delivers a state-of-the-art TDL Moisture Analyzer that provides greater accuracy and reliability in a compact design — at a fraction of the price.
  • AMI’s patent-pending ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK™ integrates a low volume sample measurement cell, liquid rejection membrane, flow meter, metering valve, and bypass control valve into a series of compact stacked blocks.
  • This is achieved without the use of leak-prone fittings and tubing, resulting in a gas sample that ravels less than 4” prior to entering our low volume measurement path.
  • The Barracuda’s low power requirements and compact size allow for remote solar installations.
  • AMI’s COMMAND CENTER software interface gives the user a wide range of choices for alarm configurations, standard isolated 4-20ma or 1-5VDC outputs, and a SMART REALIGNMENT of the laser absorption peaks in the field.
Weight : 7.7 kg
Mounting : Wall Mount or 2.0” Pipe
Gas Connections : ¼” 316 S.S Compression fitting


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