CAN – Repeater – Extender bus line HD67181

The ranges includes various products for solving all the needs of a CAN line like extension of the line, increase of nodes number, isolation of CANopen branches, protection from spikes noise and electrostatic charger or simply to change the communication baudrate. The HD67117 and HD67117M devices are repeaters/isolators for CANopen buses.


Electrical isolation of CAN branches

Extension of nodes number

Different baud rate of branches CAN

Allows extension of a line segment (without lowering the Baud Rate) Industrial temperature range:-40°C / 85°C ( -40°F / 185°F )
Electrical isolation of two branches of a CAN Line (ISO 11898-1); Allows extension of a line segment without lowering the Baud rate; Interconnects two branches of different speeds; Uses a microprocessor for the organization of data; Independent Protocol; Possible different baud rate setting (into different branches); Mountable on Rail DIN; Power Supply 12...24 VDC 200mA; 12...18 VAC 50/60Hz; 200mA; Temperature range -40°C to 85°C; EMS EN 61000-6-2.


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