CAN – Repeater – Extender bus line HD67221

This series of products allows to integrate a CAN network with another CAN net.

The Gateway HD67221 allows to separate the CAN in different CAN branches.

These devices allow to filter the CAN frames between two CAN branches.

These devices permit to change the CAN frame identifier from a branch to the other.

Software for easy configurator Designed for serius use Very easy to configure Low cost Rail din mountable Galvanic isolation Industrial temperature range: -30° / 70° (-22°F / 158°F)
Electrical isolation between two buses; Two-directional information between two distinct CAN buses; Mountable on 35mm Rail DIN; Filter of CAN frames; Wide power supply input range: 10…19V AC or 10…35V DC; Wide temperature range: -40°C / 85°C [-40°F / +185°F].


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