Chlorine Analyzer

The SMART ABFC chlorine sensor (non-reagent type) is used for measuring the concentration of chlorine present in sample water, such as chlorine (Cl2) hypochlorous acid (HClO), and hypochlorite ion (ClO-). The SMART ABFC determines the chlorine concentration by measuring voltage corresponding to the diffusion current between the indicator and counter electrodes and by applying temperature compensation to the diffusion current.


• Measuring Principle : Polarographic method using rotating electrode
• Temp. Compensation : Automatically, by an integrated temperature sensor
• pH Compensation : Automatic pH measurement and compensation
• Interface Modbus : RS485
• Power : 24VDC, 40mA
• Digital Interface : RS485 Modbus RTU
• Size & Weight : 5.31 x 5.12 x 2 inch & 2 Ib (135x130x50mm & 0.9 kg ) with Flow Cell
• Protection : IP 68
• CE Marking : EN 61326-1:2013 Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC

• For no reagent and membrane in the Chlorine probe, this sensor significantly lowers the operating cost and maintenance • The sensor can work with all terminals which can receive the RS485 signals. • IP65 Dust and Water Proof Structure • Temperature and pH Compensation • Factory pre-calibration for easy setup and field calibration for more accuracy • Standard Modbus RTU Protocol, Directly Connected with PLC, HMI, Eliminate I/O Module Cost • Fully compatible with PC software ViewTM for easy setup and data logging

• Chlorination System • swimming Pool • Drinking Water • Monitoring Disinfectant dosing • Monitoring Conditioning Agents


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