VPN Box is a server device that allows centralizing the management and connection of the SENECA devices enabled to use a VPN.

In a company’s (suitably configured) LAN network, the field remote equipment can connect among themselves or to a PC (via Ethernet or 3G modem) and communicate using TCP/IP protocols. With this device it is possible to organize a VPN Single Lan (or Remote Control) or Point to Point (or Remote Service) network.


The Single LAN method solves the cases where it is necessary to create a connection allowing the communication between devices installed in different sites and far from each other, so as to form one network that can include, if so wished, also the device sub-networks; these cases are typical in SCADA and Remote control environments.

The Point to Point method allows a maintenance technician to reach a single device and, optionally, its sub-network to work on it; the typical use is field remote Service of machines and reprogramming of a PLC/HMI, verification of some functions and problem solving.
CPU : Intel Celeron J1900 CPU Speed : 2.0 - 2.42 GHz Core : Number 4 CPU : Cooling Type Fanless USB NR 3 : USB 2.0 / NR 1 USB 3.0


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