Condensate Vessel CV-3, CV-6, CV-10

In extractive gas analysis the sample gas must be conditioned before it enters the measuring cell of the analyser. One of these conditioning stages is moisture precipitating in so-called sample gas coolers. This condensate must be properly removed from inside the analysis cabinet. In applications where it is not corrosive or toxic, it can then be discharged into drains or channels on site. However, often times it must first be collected for intermediate storage and properly disposed of at a later time. The CV-3 to CV-10 series feature vessels in suitable materials with or without fill level monitor for intermediate storage inside or on the system.


Vessel sizes 3 L / 6.5 L / 10 L.

Chemically resistant materials.

Level switch for monitoring maximum level available (optional).

Low maintenance.

Easy handling.

Removable top cover.

Robust mounting bracket.


PVC, PVDF, PP, Viton

Medium temperature:

max. 60 °C

Max. operating voltage:

230 V

Max. switching current:

0.5 A

Max. contact load:

10 VA


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