Conductivity/ Salinity Sensor

Smart ABCS includes two parallel plates placed into the measuring medium, provides potential on the two plates (usually are sine wave voltage), then measures the current between them: the sensor has two types two polar and four polar types. the self-cleaning function can be selected according to the use environment. it has stable data and reliable performance. The internal self-diagnosis function makes ensures accurate data. Its installation and calibration are easy, It can be widely used in a sewage plant, water plant, water station, surface water, industry and other applications.


• Measuring Principle: Conductivity sensor with 2 or 4 electrodes
• Temp. Compensation : Pt100, 0 to 85°C Auto compensation
• Interface: Modbus RS485
• Material: PVC, Stainless Steel
• Cable & Length: 9 armored connectors, polyurethane jacket, bare wires or waterproof 3 meters (standard), higher length on request
• Weight: Approx. 450g with 3meter cable
• Protection: IP 68
• CE Marking: EN 61326-1:2013 Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC

• 4 electrode conductivity sensor (2 graphite & 2 Platinum) • Lightning and Surge Protection for Power and RS485 Communication • Temperature Compensation • Robust & Waterproof (lP68) • Factory pre-calibration for easy setup and field calibration for more accuracy • Standard Modbus RTU Protocol, Direct Connected with PLC, HMI, Eliminate I/O Module Cost • Fully compatible with PC software ViewTM for easy setup and data logging

• Industrial Wastewater • Municipal & Sewage Wastewater • Drinking Water • Surface Water Monitoring • Sanitation Network


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