Control Systems Unical 9000

The electro-pneumatic controller for fully automated pH measurement, cleaning, and calibration In combination with the Protos process analysis system and the SensoGate or Ceramat sensor lock-gates, Unical oers the ideal functionality of a complete system for automatic process control of a pH measurement. It allows highly accurate measurements to be taken, even with dicult process conditions such as high pressure, high temperatures, and high levels of impurities. The system can be installed next to the process, within the hazardous area.


  • consistent enclosure concept for all devices
  • easy assembly and retrofitting
  • tidy hose guiding
  • no entrainment and back mixing due to separate routing of the media
  • automatic 2-point calibration
  • time-controlled cleaning and checking
  • cleaning with water and additional cleaning solution
  • reduced maintenance error due to automatic calibration
Compressed air : oil- and condensate-free
Permitted pressure range : 4 … 10 bar
Pressure monitoring : automatic monitoring, message
Rinse water : filtered 100 μm
Permitted pressure range : 2 … 6 bar


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