Converter RS485 from/to Fiber Optic HD67073

These Optic Fiber devices are designed to extend the RS485 or/and RS232 using the optic fibers.These devices are independent from the serial protocol and they are adapted for Modbus, Modbus+ and IEC131.The HD67033M and the HD67035M are devices that allow to extend a RS232 or RS485 network through Multi-Modal optic fiber, up to 2 km.The possible connection typologies are Point-To-Point and the Single Loop.


Isolation between Power Supply,

Optic Fibres and Serial line.

Industrial temperature range:   -40°C / 80°C (-40°F / 176°F)

Resistant to harsh environmental. Designed for serius use. Very easy to configure. Low cost. Rail din mountable.
Isolation : between Power Supply, Industrial temperature range:   -40°C / 80°C (-40°F / 176°F)


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