The AMETEK Land Cyclops Logger Software delivers an enhanced Cyclops user experience.

Using either a PC or mobile device, the software allows users to view, analyze and save Cyclops L portable thermometer measurement data..The Logger software is compatible with all  Cyclops L and Cyclops B models. The connection between the software and the Cyclops can be either via wireless (Bluetooth®) or USB (Cyclops L models only).

The Cyclops Logger software unique Route Mode provides configurable measurement routes for your plant or process.

This feature is particularly useful if you have multiple locations on your plant or process which you need to monitor on a regular basis. You can configure a route in the Logger software which incorporates a sequence of these locations, and take measurements in a predetermined order at the locations indicated. Send these routes/ locations to the thermometer via Bluetooth® or USB connector.


  • Unique Route Management Mode – An ideal tool for sites with multiple locations requiring regular and reliable monitoring; pre-configured settings including emissivity and window correction for each location.
  • Internal Data Logging – the Cyclops L thermometer stores up to 9999  temperature measurements; all measurements can be
  • downloaded to the logger software for further analysis and comparison.
  • Remote Trigger – take measurements remotely using either a PC or mobile device.
  • Record Live Temperature Measurements – store, view, and analyze using the logger software.
  • Choice of Measurement Modes – Instantaneous, Peak, Valley, Average plus Meltmaster on the Cyclops 055 B and L models.
  • Background Temperature Compensation – allows for accurate non-contact temperature measurements by compensating for the
  • background temperature of the target.
  • All routes are created in the Logger software - routes are uploaded to the Cyclops via Bluetooth® or USB.
  • A single Route can have up to 99 locations for measurement– capability for even the largest plant or multiple plants.
  • Each location on a route can be identified by the following information: description, target emissivity, and window correction factor – simple to take consistent measurements.
  • Pre-configure emissivity and window correction at each location - no need to change the Cyclops settings at each location, meaning repeatable, reliable readings.
  • Making the Cyclops more accessible – A new user simply follows the routes/locations previously configured in the Logger software.
  • Save the individual measurements to export as either a CSV or XML format (re-use later) – complete flexibility over data capture.
Please download the datasheet for more info.


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