DC Duplicator Z170REG-1

The Z170REG-1 module acquires a universal input signal and converts it into an analog format, returning two independent and isolated universal outputs.

Isolation voltage between power supply / input / output features 1.500 Vac.

The signal converter offers the possibility to choose between different types of input: voltage, current, potentiometer, thermocouple (TC) by thermoresistance (RTD).

The two analog outputs have 14-bit resolution. Selecting the current input it’s possible to power an external sensor. The module has a Micro USB connector on the front panel and can be configured by software or specific App for Android devices.


  • Power Supply Vac/dc
  • Power transducers
  • Selectable input V, mA,
  • Ohm, thermocouple (TC), thermoresistance (RTD)
  • Dual selectable output mA (active/passive), V
  • Sampling time from 5 to 20 ms
  • Resolution @ 14 bit.
  • Isolation1.500 Vac power supply / input / output
  • Setting by DIP switches, software or APP
  • Micro USB connector (front side)
  • Operating temperature -10...+60°C
  • UL Certification

Power supply

: 10..40 Vdc / 19..28 Vac

Max consumption

: 0.5..2 W

Power transducers

: Yes max 25 mA, 17 Vdc


: degree IP20


: 1.500 Vac at 4 ways between input// power supply // output 1 // output 2


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