Delta F nondepleting oxygen sensor

Delivering ultra-stable, trace oxygen analysis in industrial gas applications

The Delta F non-depleting, coulometric oxygen sensor provides ultra-stable oxygen measurement and requires only an annual span calibration. Combined with Panametrics’ moisture.IQ, this offers a cost effective six-channel solution for multipoint oxygen measurement covering ppm and ppb measurements. The Delta F sensor is particularly suited to applications requiring high sensitivity measurements for process control.


  • Used with moisture series analyzers to measure oxygen concentration in gases from trace to percent levels
  • Ultralow range for ultrapure gas applications is sensitive to less than 5 ppb oxygen
  • Sensors available for indoor/outdoor water- and dust-tight enclosures
  • No gas scrubbing equipment needed for acid gas applications
  • No periodic replacement or reconditioning of cells is needed
  • Intrinsically safe option available for hazardous areas
  • Optional VCR fittings for enhanced system cleanliness and leak integrity
Ambient temperature  : 24 VDC ±2 VDC, 1.2 A maximum
Moisture  : 316 stainless steel, glass and Viton® O-rings
Inlet pressure  : 0.2 psig to 1.0 psig (0.013 barg to 0.06 barg) (standard range)
Flow rate  : 0.5 to 1.5 SCFH


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