Differential Pressure Sensor VSA 24-DM /-DH /-DP

The differential pressure sensor VSA 24-D… is a microprocessor controlled pressure switch with two alarm outputs for pre-alarm and shut-off. Depending on the pressure loss in the filter head, the inner piston moves towards a spring. The position of the piston is registered by a pressure sensor placed in the upper part of the sensor. The measured values are converted to optical and electrical signals.

As soon as power is turned on, four green LEDs, installed under a transparent cover, start flashing and indicate that the system is active. A temperature sensor measures the temperature of the fluid continuously. After the oil has reached its operational temperature, the device swaps to operation mode, and the green LEDs light up continuously. While the filter capacity decreases during operation, the differential pressure rises slowly. If the dirt holding capacity of the filter is reduced to approx. 25%, the yellow LED lights up.


  • Two alarm outputs.
  • Optical / electrical indication.
  • Self-monitoring.

  • 360° highly visible LED corona.
  • Indication of status and fault .
  • M12 connector.
  • Reset function.

Max. operating pressure : 400 bar
Max. operating temperature : -20 °C to +85 °C
For filter case type : Mahle
Thread : M30x1.5
Weight : 220 g


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